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Spencer Dock is a suburban business park, it wouldn’t look out of place on the outskirts of some provincial US city. It’s a pure waste.
The DDA has destroyed this opportunity to redefine the city for the 21st Century. What I don’t understand is why this was not greeted with the outcry and horror and dark mutterings from the Taoiseach that Kevin Roche’s scheme was.
I do think the docklands needs to be much higher density if it’s to create the critical mass of population needed to support the kind of shops, restaurants etc that would turn it into a lively urban quarter. I think the area would have to generate its own activity and buzz before you get people venturing what is a fair distance outside the established city centre.The low-rise extended IFSC is a bleak, soulless case in point.
Two towers plonked on the waterfront is lip-service to providing some skyline interest for this terrible scheme.

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