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a boyle

@jimg wrote:

how long do you think the semi-D estates around Lucan will last for example?

Fair point. But with respect to ballymun the cost has been enormous. I don’t think the regeneration would have occured but for the unavoidable social problems.

I do think the rest of my argument stands up. One or two ugly highrises are so hard to mask.

.The sprawling housing estates of the suburbs make a different but interesting discussion. With the right faciliatory legislation , i could readily see the redevelopment of these estates happening. You would not need more than four houses in a row to create enough room for a dense 4/5 storey (no more) structure with room left over for a proper park. The land use in estates is just so bad that i think you can create big enough appartments for families , parking, communal garden , while the buildings required would not tower like monsters. Something will have to be done, just as ballymum had to be sorted out.

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