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I can only seem to find one image of the Point Village Tower online. It is the one that is used on this webpage:

There doesn’t seem to be any information about it on the Scott Tallon Walker web-page. Does anyone know of any other existing photomontages or any other details available on-line? Whilst I don’t think it looks all that inspiring from the picture that I have seen of it I personally dont think I can base my opinion solely on this image. Its form sort of reminds me of the Millenium Tower on Grand Canal, but it is too difficult to say for sure. I would believe that we can only really have a proper discussion on the merits of this building upon seeing more images of it. I have tried a search on the DCC webpage for the planning application, but to no avail.

Regarding the ‘Shard of Glass’ image above, I think it is important to look at it in contrast to the Guys Hospital building beside it. Whilst maybe it is possible to appreciate its brutalist form in some respect, it really does not do anything for the area it is in (aesthetically of course, as oppossed to functionally), and I doubt the people living around it would have much enthusiasm for it as a structure. This, I believe, makes designing quality tall structures all the more important. Instead of rejoicing in getting tall buildings like it is some sort or right of passage we should look at them based on their merits, and their ability to last the test of time.

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