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Re above thread “Jesus, bring back the Brits for ten years and we might actually stop talking and do something constructive ?”

I take it you`re a Brit yourself then?

No – I am not British. Just an Irishperson so driven by frustration at the incompetence everywhere evident in my own country that I have come to the point where I believe that even returning to colonial rule might be a better alternative than what we now have. After 80 odd years of ‘independence’, it has become obvious to me that we lack the skills of self-governance. Don’t be fooled by our recent economic growth – we are simply catching up with other countries and we wouldn’t even have been able to do that without the masses of cash and regulations coming from Brussels and the commercial investment from the US. Take away both and what would we have? A country that would be no better off than it was the day the English set sail for home.

As regards social values in Ireland and England. Perhaps this isn’t the place to discuss those, but just one point – don’t forget the thousands of Irish people who contribute to the UK’s abortion statistics. Other than that, I thought we were doing quite well in the collapse of social standards – huge increase in the number of murders and violent deaths since the 1980s, huge drugs problems in many towns and cities, common occurances of street violence, enormous alcohol problem, largest percentage of young people under the poverty line in the EU area…… I am not defending the British or colonial rule (indeed, I have been accused of being a bigotted cross between a me feiner and a sinn feiner on Archiseek!), rather was mounting a critique of development and governance in contemporary Ireland.

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