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The irony of all of this, is that I would guess that very many contributors would agree with Devin’s position, as outlined in post 330 on this thread. I personally have no problem with the points which he makes, namely:

– people confuse high-rise with high-density (although I would argue that yes, high-rose doesn’t necessarily mean high-density, it can if done correctly – Hong Kong is proof of that although I am not saying that Hong Kong is a model we should emulate);
– up to 10 storeys in the city centre (I agree that this is about right);
– need for well designed tall buildings (I agree);
– quality is more important that height (I agree – anyone who has seen Ballymun will agree with that);
– Docklands is best area for high-rises (I agree);
– a high-rise shouldn’t challenge or emasculate a nearby historic building (I agree).

The question is, if most reasonable minded people would agree with these tenets, then why are we still waiting for good well designed high-rises to be built in the Docklands. The time is right (economic boom), the place is right (a range of brown field sites waiting for development in the Docklands).

Possible answers:
People do not want high-rises in the docklands or anywhere else for that matter and continue to put up opposition to such proposals on whatever spurious planning grounds that they can;
We are not capable of designing decent buildings (bad reflection on the architectural profession);
Incompetent planning;
A sense of vision for modern Ireland that fails to rise above self-centred greed and the trifling.

Beyond that, after 15 years into the economic boom I cannot see why we seem to be stuck in this same stupid rut going around in circles. Tells me that there is something seriously rotten in this state of Ireland.

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