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It’s obvious that old Ballymun/La Cobusier style high rise doesn’t necessarily provide density and probably doesn’t provide a desirable model for the development of the city but I think many of the antis in this debate tend to use a strawman argument by suggesting that everyone in favour of high rise is proposing this type of high rise. Try using google earth and look at the Dublin; in the context of this city, low-rise means two story semi-d and high rise is six or seven stories and the former dominates the landscape of Dublin; I’d be surprised if even 15% of the built up land of Dublin was over two stories. Ok, it doesn’t help that some of the proponents of high-rise here are, lets say, unsubtle in their arguments. But I get the feeling that most of the antis in this debate are not only against isolated 30 story brutalist towers (aren’t we all?) but are against anything over 8 or 10 stories being built in the city. If this is the case, then stating it might make the discussion interesting instead of over-simplifying it by trying to present it as a black or white choice.

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