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i agree totally with you that building towers everywhere is bad planning and i would’t like to see a ten storey building beside the four courts…..
what my point is that this there is a lot of negative attitudes to high rise in Dublin
its is the future of architecture and buildings.
if Dublin is going to expand we will have two choices
create los angleles or build properly with high density and a with high rise areas in parts of Dublin other than the Doclands,
REALITY there are no real tall buildings for the docklands there are all medium height with a least 5 storeys and occaisional 11/12 storeys buildings.
these are Not near high rise or skyscrapers
i wonder what the city’s skyline will be like in 2050
we can’t depend on 4 storey height in the city . its bloody boring
i would argue having a high rise building in the city that looks horrible or badly planned , having it in a low rise residential area.
We can’t live in the past
I would rather proper high rise in Dublin than having a sprawling blancherstown which is already in meath!!!!!
it could solve a lot of the waiting list and prices and even traffic as
high density living works well for public transport.

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