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dublin is a european capital and obviousily not one of the larger population centres but nevertheless an important city. and what appears to me to be one of the major stumbling blocks towards more bold, advanced and imaginative architecture is the lack of resources currently attributed to ABP. this has led to a backlog of work etc and perhaps one or two senior staff can pick and chose what they want to examine and if they decide yey or nay, thats it. complete conjecture obviousily but just like a lot of other areas in irish public life, such as health and transport, years of underfunding and bad management have resulted in resources being pushed to breaking point by the amazing increase in capital and success etc of recent years.
a great pity that cities like dublin, limerick and cork are not able to rely on their own ability to decide what does and does not get built within their jurisdiction. i am not sure but i believe that is the case in london and i assume other british cities. i know that dublin city has granted outline planning permission to areas like the north docklands to generate interest but like a lot of things ireland needs to bring herself up to speed.
one good side to all of this is at least the city has’nt been innundated with bollocks no-one wants to see built just so we can have a few monuments to money!!!

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