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you are so negative!!!! , its the 21st century , we can’t suit everyone ? most buildings in Dublin, and most ,7 and 9 storeys dont go ahead ? 11 storeys is not even considered a tower .
we can’t live in cocooon for ever…………
they wont even build proper High rises in the Docklands , so i thinks it some sort of Phobia

Although some high rises can have a negative effect, in most cases it enhanses the area .
Paris can build 7 and 9 stoeys in , most are even built before the 19th century
rvery largw city in Europe have high rises that Dublin would never dream of !
face your fear of Height!!!!!

, i don’t think a 9 storey would have a major effect on the four courts as its higher anyway , unless there was a plan for an awful building. there are some old high , so as Guiness Brewery , poolbeg , buildinjg near ringsend, and some waerehouse
and buildings etc….
i can’t think of the names , they ARE AN EYESORE……..
now i expressed what i had to say….
buildings in Dublin that are so AWful, you really wonder what the hell is wrong with building a 10 storey building {if it fits in well ) in the inner city…. some of us should see the real world.

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