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Frank Taylor

@PDLL wrote:

Ask anyone who has worked in a low rise spaced out business campus type environment and they will have the same perspective as what you have just outlined. Lifeless and without any sense of centre or heart.

agreed. I see no problem with building anything in a field outside a city. 50 storeys, 100 storeys, who cares? Good place to experiment. And you’re unlikely to get much worse than Citywest.

This is not a problem with height, it is also a problem of spatial layout and the socio-cultural infrastructure that is put in place to hold the whole development together.

I think height plays a part. It darkens streets and it isolates and belittles people.

One could argue the same about Georgian and Neoclassical architecture…

We are straying off the subject of the functionality of buildings into aesthetics. Should the style of a building not always be of secondary importance to its function and its utility as a component in the city system? I’d like to live in a well connected, low-rise dense city with high quality public spaces. I couldn’t care less if it were heritage, modern, post modern or pastiche.

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