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Frank Taylor

This thread and this one:
and all threads relating to proposed tall buildings seems to follow a familiar pattern.

Most people state that they would like to see more tall buildings because

  • they look impressive
  • they are good for increasing density
  • other countries have them and we have none.

These points are weak:
Things don’t have to be large to be impressive, unless you’re trying to impress an idiot.
High density can be achieved with low-rise buildings and low density with high-rise (as in Ballymun).
Paris has countless impressive buildings, a population density 10 times that of suburban Dublin and hardly anything over 9 floors, bar church spires.

I’ve previously posted a list of social, environmental and practical reasons not to build tall buildings for office or residential use.

Do any of you have any further arguments in favour of tall buildings apart from the three above?

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