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Waters is just being anti-Dub. What a hypoctrite, sure he is part of that Dublin media and has been for years. Besides ‘Waters’ is not an old Irish surname. It’s Anglo-Saxon English, like Smith etc…

This is an Urban V Rural thing. A lot of rural folk or ‘culchies’ hold this anti-Dub/Jackeen grudge, instilled in them by their parents. It’s a bit like the uber anti-English thing that some Irish folk have. Cos of this anti Dub sentiment, the city of Dublin suffered greatly at the hands of the cronies and and non-urban aware rural TD’s whose planning decisions led to her destruction and demise over the years. Georgian Dublin was always despised by such folk. Read Frank McDonald’s ‘The Destruction of Dublin’.

To say “there is no Irish architectural identity” is kinda true. The Celtic Tiger allowed something of a contemporary Irish architectural identity to flourish, but the significant marks that are left on the Irish urban/Dublin landscape have been made by foreign architects…. the N.C.C. , the Aviva stadium, the Grand Canal Theatre, etc.. and mainly, the acres and acres of ghost housing estates throughout the country are the contribution of the Irish. At the peak of the boom, the debate about building heights was kinda rediculous too. Considering that there were hundreds of billions of €uro floating about in the Irish building industry/economy we don’t have much to show for it now – roads and roads and acres and acres of empty and half finished housing estates. Now that the country is forever in debt over it all, it makes it all the more hard to accept.

In anyway, as rural Ireland has and is becoming more and more more urbanized, it’s becoming more ‘Dublinized’ . Problems that affected Dublin housing estates years ago, ie drugs, vandalism, crime etc… can now be seen in the housing estates of Limerick, etc…

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