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I totally agree on the name interconnector which sounds like it is something made by Wavin as opposed to a rail line that has the potential to link most of West Dublin to all of the key office districts on a single alignment.

I feel that the way that Metro west is being sold as a ‘Circle Line’ for Dublin is also flawed in that the distances involved in Dublin are so small that one proper city centre multi-modal interchange would enable rapid journey times more or less anywhere if fed by Luas-Heavy Rail interchanges elsewhere.

The timing of 2016 is almost certain to face slippage and waiting for another 10 years when projects like the Citywest extension are prioritised will not help. The western route into Spencer Dock must be prioritised as part of a wider strategy to get people from the hinterland intro the City Centre and increase the quality of Dublin City once there. To this end the Port Tunnel has been an excellent investment but you must wonder if an East West alignment from either N4 or N7 would have been a better idea in terms of direct routings for the majority of Port Traffic based upon the concentrations of Industrial facilities.

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