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we all know Dublin is awash with useless underutiised and shameful wastes of potentially great open space-I will kick off with my own D5 neighbourhood which contains Edenmore Park, Springdale linear river park along the santry river and the general Harmonstown area- a disgraceful waste of space barely fit to walk my dog in in an area 5-10mins from the dartline that barely contains the most basic of public lighting, two changing rooms of for the innumerable football clubs of the area and pretty much nothing else, e.g no astroturf failities in public management. if 20% of it was sold of for decent residential development with the money going into proper usuable quality facilities we would all be better off in so many ways- but how could you make that wash with the yokels and their political reps?-would require resources and imagination beyond anyone with the power and the nous to pull it off it would seem..and we have now seemed to have pased the peak where the market could dictate the inevitable folly of what we now have. as for the westside, D22/24 etc the picture would be even bigger

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