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Here’s one for the Statistically Improbable Phrases detector: @Sunday Times wrote:

stylish retail fish hall

It will be interesting to see what happens with the redevelopment of this area. The fruit & veg markets are architecturally gorgeous.

I love the alternating patterns of brickwork. . . satisfies both the symmetrical side of my brain and the asymmetrical:

The ornamental embellishments — fruits, fish, and vegetables — at the base of each of the smaller arches are a great detail. No matter what happens to the interior or to the adjacent sites (er. . .’stylish retail fish hall’?), a bit of hidden history remains in the architecture itself. Shame, though, about the upkeep or lack thereof. The graffiti’s made a mess of it.

While the loss of the adjacent fish market marks the end of an era, it seems inevitable. When the storied Fulton Fish Market (immortalized in Joseph Mitchell’s excellent collection of essays Up in the Old Hotel) was finally booted out of lower Manhattan in 2005, the city gained an opportunity for development but lost a bit of its history. I wonder what will happen over time not just to the people who are moved out of the area but also to the stories — or can we ever hope for anything more than one-liner laments over Molly Malone?

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