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Anything that stops Sandymount Srand from slipping further into ‘untouchable’ status is worth looking at IMO.

Obviously building more roads in Dublin with (ultimately) transportation funds, would be obscene, as would be trying to spend €4Bn on anything when the piggybank is empty, but how else do you put Dublin Bay on the planning agenda, where it belongs!

I respect the Greens as much as the next man, but they should be leading this debate. It involves everything they hold dear; the city’s interface with it’s natural environment, making amenities that benefit the whole city and not just the fortunate few, and ‘sustainability’ in the form of making a more compact city without resorting to the false god of quick-fix high-rise. These are ‘green’ issues, or should be.

If it takes an out-dated ‘motorway across the strand’ notion to get the debate going again, so be it, because it isn’t happening otherwise, not as long as the Greens leave all this in the hands of the bird-watch wing of the movement.

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