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@dave123 wrote:

I really really get so pissed off when people sprout assertions and opinions as fact. I’m going to be very calm and say you haven’ a fucking clue what your talking about.

Leeds, Coverntry, Birgmingham, Liverpool are just along of many that have inner motorways.

So your very wrong in everything you said.:rolleyes: Building motoways in cities is not a very anglo saxon thing. Lay off the bullshit please.

I am not denying that the UK built urban motorways. I am saying they built less than anyone else. Leeds and Manchester have short stubs of motorway, destructive, but not large, Birmingham has a large number of motorways around it, but only one passes close to the city centre, the A38(M), and does not enter it, Liverpool does not have an urban motorway, although one was planned and later cancelled: the Liverpool Inner motorway, Coventry does not have a motorway, but it does have a highly destructive inner ring road.

Although the UK did indulge in building inner ring roads, so did every other western nation: Paris, for example was quite happy to knock down it’s ancient city walls to build the boulevard peripherique, and now has a larger urban motorway network than any UK city. Same with Madrid, cities in Germany, Portugal, all over the continent. The UK is different in that it never really invested in public transport infrastructure to the same extent, but it certainly did not build more roads.
The USA is king of the urban motorway – it is common to have 10 lane elevated structures meeting at 5 storey interchanges in American downtowns. There is nothing like that in the UK.

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