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While this motorway is stupid, I would take Alonso up on saying that urban motorways are and Anglo-Saxon thing. Britain actually has an extremely sparse motorway network, and there are very few major motorways in city centres, with the exception of Glasgow, and Belfast the only other urban motorways in the UK are fragmentary pieces. Compare London with the M25 as its ring motorway to Paris which has 3 ring motorways, and Madrid which has 4.
In order of motorway building, Britain has a moderate network of interurban motorways, and a few scraps of misguided 60’s urban motorway. Most of continental Europe are much less shy about urban motorway – the A6 in Paris being a particularly monster. But it’s the USA that does urban motorway on a completely different scale to any other country in the world, maybe along with Canada.
Have a look at a few birds eye images on, and compare London to Paris and Los Angeles.

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