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There is a general lack of respect and pride for Dublin City by its citizens, something I have not experienced in any other EU capital.

When Dublin was gifted to the Free State by the British in 1922, the new Irish administration considered the city a foreign creation, not to be preserved.

Roll-on 90 years later and the Irish had demolished half of Dublin’s historic core and made a complete balls of the rest of it.

The Irish never had the expertise to create a city of their own and they don’t even have the expertise to maintain the ones created for them. This is just a fact of life here in Ireland.

DCC have outsourced scores of expensive studies to the UK and implemented multiple ACAs around Dublin City over the past decade. The problem is that they just don’t have the staff with the passion or expertise to execute and maintain them.

I’m in Spain 5 years and the Spaniards that work to conserve architecture are highly respected and paid extremely well. They are seen as important protectors of the town/city’s heritage. This seems to be an old respected tradition here in Spain that has been long lost in Dublin.

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