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Shortly before New Years day DCC sent in its “Two Men and a Wheelbarrow” crew to Leeson St.
If anybody is looking for a more modern alternative to the ancien regieme John Hinde Picture Postcard views of Dublin then simply stroll along between Appian Way and Leeson St Bridge and set one`s camera to panoramic……….

NO ! On second thoughts focus in on the Bus lane ………..particularly on the stretch leading up to the Bridge itself……

After having taken the pictorial evidence I would suggest a brief perusal of an Irish Times article by reporter David Labanyi from the 29/Nov/2006.
It`s all about elderly folks being at greater risk of injury from slips,trips and falls on Buses in Dublin.

It appears a TCD Study identified some sort of pattern and the learned lecturers and their earnest students are all agog at why,how,where,when etc etc .
I`m wondering if I should send the Report`s compilers an anonymous e-mail with the words LEESON ST BRIDGE INBOUND written in blood on it…????? 😡

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