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50 sq m of net internal space if correctly configured is sufficient space for a couple; I take your point on storage but I think the continentals have the right idea on that i.e. make it ancillary and without frills; your skis get battered en piste a little dust won’t damage them. Flats may be cheap now but that will not last beyond the existing inventory clearing and as long as that takes will prevent any change in the product offer available. If you don’t like what is on offer I suggest you buy 2 flats or a large 2/3 bed flat and remodel it or simply change the use of rooms into an office etc. Given that product in the coming decade if built will be a function of build cost as much as anything else I would be surprised if what you are looking for comes to market anytime soon.

Although I am aware of a couple of very well located mews houses that are available off market; if you have sufficient conviction in the Dublin market send me a pm….

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