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Cute Panda

Sue, it is not “everybody” as you say, but rather a specific anti-Urban/Public Transport agenda led by the Independent Newspapers Group with their pro-Farming/One-Off Housing/Western Crackpot Corridor and their close ties with the Motoring Industry. The Indo is essentially a urban-phobic and pro-motoring lobbyist posing as a newspaper.

Throughout the whole of the development of Luas unnamed “experts” were cited by one writer as suggesting that Dublin was unsuitable for rail development. It turns out that at least one of the “experts” cited is a notorious US anti-rail campaigner who is apparently funded by the concrete and motor industry.

The Sindo was claiming the Luas was a “train set that no one wanted” – 22 million passenger journeys per annum would suggest otherwise. This is a sensational number of passenger for a two unconnected Light Rail lines which are still in the early stages of their development. A massive success for public transport by any international standards. So what do Tracy Hogan the the Indo do…why they potray Luas as a failure and a menace to society of course!

I would call on all people who care about public transport investment in Ireland to boycott the Independent rags.

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