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The red and green DART lines running up past Stephen’s Green-are these above or below ground?And if below ground, would this not be extremely difficult to carry out, given the types of buildings, their age, and the designs they tend to built to i.e many basements etc-in that area?

This is the so called ‘Interconnector’ and it runs underground from Spencer Dock to Heuston station. The tunnelling would be 20m underground and wouldnt effect the buildings over head.

Insted of linking the LUAS lines together at connolly, would it be easier to link them together at the St. James stop that’s there alredy?

A bit confused here. Are you referring to the Point depot Luas extension from Connolly? If so , this is already a defo and should start construction early next year.
If you refer to the linking of the 2 current Luas lines, they link at Abbey Street not at Connolly and is only 1km in length. As for joining at St James, the interconnector is heading down the same route and is pointless to have a Luas line going down the same route. Its also longer and would cost more.

That would possibly mean less tunnelling for DARTS?Maybe easier?

The interconnector cant really be shortened any more. The current route is a MUST if dublin is to have a intregrated rail system by linking all the lines including the Luass to each other.

I travel in on the Northern commuter line every day to Pearse station, and while extending the DART to MAlahide is an excellent idea, it appears to be messy juggling the timetables for the DART with the commuter train timetable.While the southside of the city has DARTS every 10 minutes or so, all day, you regularly arrive at Malahide and find yourself waiting maybe 30 mins. Also in the morning when the DARTS are every 15 mins, people at Malahide push on the commuter trains, and give out because there’s no space for them.Can they not just wait????The DART is there for them, at least they have the option!The rest of us HAVE to get the commuter train!!Also connolly station, although it currently has 7 platforms, there are only 2 tracks heading out of the south side of the station. So no matter how many trains are in that station only one at a time can ever enter or leave.So intelligent….

This is all dissapear after the Dublin Rail Plan. All the current Commuter service from Connolly to Drogheda will be removed as the DART would be extended to Drogheda and therefore getting rid of the WARPED timetable the DART currently suffers from.
Also congestion at Connolly would be reduced as the northern DART line will no longer stop at Connolly but will turn off to East Wall (new station) and to Spencer Dock (new station) and through the Interconnector and on to the Kildare DART line. Only the Dundalk and Belfast ‘Enterprise’ services will continue as usual but stop at Connolly. It wont continue on to Tara and Pearse St.
The Current South DART line will link to the Maynooth DART line at Connolly.

Grange Road?New station??

Yes. There is planned development there and this is also needed to link the Drogheda to Kildare DART line to the Dublin Airport spur. Any station in the Plan that is not on the DART/Irish Rail website is a new stop.

Isn’t there a rail line running up past Croke Park and up by a canal, around Phibsboro somewhere? Does that get included?

The Croke Park Line will be used for Commuters and Intercity services only heading to the new Spencer Dock and not to Connolly (less traffic stopping at Connolly).
The Maynooth DART will use the line at the Hill 16 side of Croke park which will use the current Drumcondra station. These 2 line will join at Glasneven Jtn .

I’m glad to see that the plan seems to focus on connecting the area AROUND Dublin to the centre, as opposed to connecting the centre of Dublin to, well, the centre.Let’s face it, you can walk from one side of Dublin centre to the other, and there are hundreds of buses crossing the liffey, to the main shopping streets of Dublin. And now the LUAS aswell. It’s just if you try and get to, say, Park West from Lusk, or Clontarf to Red Cow that you run into trouble. Or maybe Adamstown to Blackrock.And considering that’s what most people are trying to do almost everyday, what choice do they have at the moment but to drive???Trains aren’t great, but buses are seriously a lot worse, if you live anywhere except the southside of Dublin really. You could be waiting forever to get a bus

Again this will all change after the Dublin Rail Plan.

I advise you to take a closer look at the plan at P11 web site and all of your question would have been answered.

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