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Mr. Clerkin, any chance of a poll as to the inter-connector Vs the turd Luas line?

A couple of good points have been raised as to pros & cons as to the interconnector – such as it fails to increase service to the nth inner city. Maybe IE and their military wing, P11, ( 😀 ) could look again at locating more stations on those northern inner-city lines – there are a couple of options including Cabra, Croke, and adjacent to Mc Kee Barracks/ NCR.

Aside from that, one other slight concern I would have is that by the proposed interconnector underground route going by High Street, it is running through a very sensitive archaeological area. Appropriate archaeological resolution should be factored in at the outset: if done right, there’s the opportunity to tell the story of the layers of the city as one would be ascending on the escalator onto High Street. It could be a real boon – apparently that’s what has happened in Athens; anybody seen / experienced their new underground links??

Finally, does anybody have any suggestions as to better names for the “interconnector”? It really desparately needs some rebranding, its such a mouthful…”de inter wha?”!

Ps diaspora, you are right as to the capacity of the luas equating that of the QBC’s. No difference between them whatsoever – except that the looney luas has cost 40 times more than a QBC 😮 !

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