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Devin wrote:
No, there’s also the plan the chief Dublin city planner wants]

I’m afraid that as aesthetically pleasing as Dick’s figure of 8 may be it will not address fundamental issues of Irish Rail transportation, it is all the population of Ireland that we should be trying to serve here and particularly people like Jungle(who have no access to trans-atlantic flights from their own City) who wish to get on a train in Cork and only have to change once before they reach Dublin Airport, realistically who wants to:

A > Get to Kent Station
B > Get on the Figure of 8 Luas that is already 3/4’s full from stations upstream with your luggage
C > Get off the Luas and walk to the O’Connell St Metro Station
D > Board a metro

Or worse get ripped off by Dublin Bus to the tune of 6 euro for the bus that is stuck in gridlock because the QBC network is farfrom finished.

When you can

A > Get to Kent Station,
B > Go Down an Escalator and wait for a direct connection to the Airport.

In the future with the IE Dublin Rail plan it may be possible to extend the Airport Spur to Swords and back onto the Airport line somewhere in North Co Dublin facilitating Cork-Dublin-Belfast trains that serve Dublin Airport in one.

I have nothing against the figure of 8 but it doesn’t touch the airport and it will do nothing to relieve the congestion on the loopline, which is going to become gridlocked quite soon (2008 I think) ie no more rail capacity, Which will lead to a situation where all future residential development will have to be exclusively served by road.

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