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The Minister does not seem to be aware of the division of roles on a building project between –

(i) the Design Team – who certify the design of the building or works and

(ii) the Main Contractor, Sub-Contractors, Suppliers, and Tradesmen… who carry out the building or works.

Furthermore he does not appear to understand the limitations of inspections and the interleaving of the booklet of certification and guarantees, all bound up with the Architects Schedule A Assurances.

I would be happy to advise him, but having met him once before on the matter of Registration, and having seen his performances in relation to the Septic Tank Registration Fee Household charge, I’m not sure which part of him I should appeal to.

His mind seems set in stone, but he has shown some leeway concerning the septic tank issue which may point to a soft heart.

The Minister should be briefed as to the tried and tested roles and how certification *should* work, as opposed to how one or two people have abused the system.

The Minister of course may see things differently.

From another point of view this is the logical consequences of the restriction of certification to persons registered under the Building Control Act 2007.

What should have happened was a corollary registration and assessment of building companies and tradesmen, who carry out the build work.

None of this addresses the lack of commitment by local authorities to enter into joint inspections in order to move matters forward and improve assurances to the public.

One thing is certain, unless Phil Hogan and Enda Kenny get a clue about what they are doing, between hamstringing the building industry at the same time as they are imposing unimaginative and relentless austerity, their government will not last jig time.

I have posted about this on Facebook also

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