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Yes a sorry sorry place – it hasn’t changed one iota since 1990, one of the few (but still fairly widespread) enclaves of 1980s dismal Dublin.

Yes it is a place where a higher density ought to be achievable, but it would be crucial that open spaces and parks are provided for here. What’s partly causing the depressing nature of the place is the rows of three storey red brick 80s housing and acres of concrete and roadway. There would be a risk, especially given the history of the area, of 7-8 storey apartment blocks going up lining nothing but a bare motorway.

There’s some fascinating remnants of Georgain Dublin about the place that offer a wonderful introduction to the character and feel of the city – always loved them coming into the city as a child, just they’re all in bits and look terrible in their current state.

Does anyone know what’s happening with the old garage site opposite the Wax Museum? A prime candidate if ever there was one for some decent residential development. These stock brick chimeys lining the site are most unusual – anyone know anything about them?

And these new walls outside the flats on Dorset St (I know, how incredibly two-faced and snobby to call Docklands dev apartments and these ‘the flats’, but if you described these as such you’d be laughed out of it :o) – the blue bricks and curves are pretty cool.

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