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I dunno; let me take the contrarian position here. 8 stories close to the edge of the city centre in an area that lacks any existing consistent scale or grain doesn’t seem outragous to me. Its close proximity to the biggest public transport hubs in the city provides further justification for exceding the 3-4 stories which would normally be considered standard for a site like this.

I’m guessing here but if the site is where I think it is, the houses are hardly Georgian; I’d guess Edwardian from my (possibly faulty) memory. There is already a precedent for a mixture of modern buildings (from every decade since the 60s) all around the immediate area. There are far worthier targets for concern in terms of conservation, I feel.

I probably wouldn’t even be saying any of this except because I actually like the look of the building. Obviously it’s difficult to tell from a single drawing but it looks like a big step up in terms of architecture than the standard bulky, large footprint, 4 story, redbrick curtain walled apartment blocks which have sprouted around the city without a word of objection.

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