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I think there are parallels to be drawn with Ballsbridge of the 1970s. Slender proposals such as the above, soley located at major nodal points do have a role to play, unlike the bloated all-consuming Ballsbridge blocks that completely destroyed the character of that suburb. The workability of the above scheme is entirely dependant on how it interacts with development across the road, and I can’t picture that the minute without standing on the spot. I think the abstract character of the building actually highlights the beauty of the adjacent classic Dublin terrace.

There are however reservations over the accuracy of the above image. It’s difficult to believe that an office building with roughly the same floor heights as Georgian domestic is so piddling in overall scale. The floors look tiny adjacent to what is a modest residential building. Either it’s the angle of the photograph, or the photomontage is deceptive. It’d be worth contrasting that image when/if it is built.

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