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Whats proposed looks like serious over-development of that site imo – and again the conceptually lazy use of zig-zag windows…and whats the story with that roof?

But I might be wrong and Id like to see other elevations. Five Lamps is an interesting place at the moment; Basil Goods tall development seems to work quite well – in sharp contrast to the brownbrick development containing the Centra opposite, which is so ghastly that Im suprised no-ones yet popped a snap of it here!

The area is undergoing a serious revamp at the moment; the currently derelict Aldborough House (the last great Georgian townhouse to be built in Dublin) was last year acquired by doctors – so hopefully that will bode well for a template restoration. Also adjacent are the recently refurbished Killarney Gardens, a 1930s corpo scheme that now looks really well 🙂

On the whole the Amiens Street axis is undergoing significant regeneration – whereas Dorset Street just got some trees and lights while the buildings are increasingly derelict, happily it is the physical fabric of Amiens Street that is getting the attention. Not all change will be easy, but on the whole I think it is desireable that density be significantly increased – provided that the replacing material and form is of top quality,

Heres one I like, one of the rare cases where the current trend of zig-zag windows doesnt create an overwhelming cluttered effect – and as a result will imo stand the test of time:

@GrahamH wrote:

A development that has just been completed nearby is 110 Amiens Street, by Niall D Brennan Associates.

More of these please Mr. Niall D Brennan – and bring a few up to Dorset St while youre at it! 🙂

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