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It’s a decent proposal. I cannot think of the houses in question to be demolished, but they’re dated c. 1820 in the planner’s report (a very well-balanced report at that). As a one-off it’s acceptable, but must not set a precendent for the demolition of charming terraced housing along Amiens Street and wider area.

Eight storeys will make this development marginally taller than other recent office buildings in the area, and suitably so for this significant nodal point of the Five Lamps. Saying that, the environment of the site is a bit of a blur to me, so I cannot nail colours fully the mast as it were. The design appears to be of exceptional quality (though I take issue with both the site notice’s and the planner’s use of ‘high quality curtain walling’ in their supposed objective describing of the building).

A development that has just been completed nearby is 110 Amiens Street, by Niall D Brennan Associates. They applied for six storeys and got five.

Overall a decent enough affair, if the glazing aprons cumbersome at floor junctions. A chic version of Hawkin’s House’s green biscuit tins. Particularly ill-resolved at roof level when seen head-on I think.

A budget finish to the gable wall, but in acknowledgement of future redevelopment of Connolly (I sorely hope Amiens Street does not become the new Cork Street). Attractive treatment of the main frontage.

The brick has a warm quality in certain lights such as above, but is a distinctly bleurgh dusty pink in others.

I think we all know what the defining architectural style of the late noughties will be…

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