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I agree with DC3 the articles were generally quite positive and I can only assume that all the work in upgrading the site was the reason why Paul didn’t have time to post the article. I would have done it myself except that becasue I don’t have a working mouse at present I can’t cut and paste text, its a pain in the arse a bit like driving from Tuam to Galway because there is no rail connection.

Having left Galway a long time ago I would be delighted if Derrick would keep us all up to date, and if DC3 would do the same for Waterford. There are great things happening outside of Dublin but being Dublin based I tend not to get to many non-Dublin perspectives on them which is not the whole storey.

I hope that An Taisce can talk some sense into Galway County Council and get that destructive outer ring curtailed beyond the Oughterard Road there is only one reason for it to continue and that is to facilitate the further uncontrolled sprawl with more of those dire ‘Irish House Designs’ type bungalows. In future times people will ask how did this generation permit the destruction of Connemara?

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