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Your right it is 20 storeys or so, I can make out 22 possible but it is hard to tell, base line a huge pity it wasn’t built it really would have set a very desirable precedent in terms of design quality for tall buildings.
Personally I wouldn’t have had any objection to the Fabrizia (Liam Carroll) development for the former Aib site in Ringsend, realistically with the Pidgeon House so close a height argument on that side of Strand Rd wouldn’t make any sense at all, has it really been with the planners for 4 years? Surely it would have secured a default permission by now if that was the case.

I really feel that if the tall buildings study was to have had any creadibility then it should have selected the Sean Moore Park/ Ardagh site Area and a larger number of sites in the Docklands for Midrise up to 125m and the odd high rise 150m. I don’t know how Dolphins Barn was ommited either.

But instead a site that borders Irelands only 17th Century complex of buildings was chosen, this firm of London based consultants should never have been selected, local knowledge would have possibly selected McKee Barracks and the unused tracks to the other side of Heuston but nothing this close to the Royal hospital.

But you have hit the nail on the re the Ringsend example to a developer a bird in the hand and the sad fact is that a lot of the design quality is poor in these five storey riverfront groundscrapers

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