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Thanks for taking the initiative AHA. Clearly the individual threads were not working! Nobody is going to open up an individual thread for the often small, seemingly insignificant bits of news that pops up on the ‘Developments in Cork’ threads- despite the fact that it all adds to creating one of the livliest threads on the site.

CCC have voted to dispose of that site on Popes Quay for the princely sum of one euro. In fairness, this talk of getting thousands for the site was a bit of a red herring given, to my knowledge, CCC had never owned the site up until the short time when they transferred the site to its new owner.
What I think is more relevant to this thread is the erection of a new wall/fence around the site. Does this destroy the view of the Civic Thrust building? Does it even having planning? Any info?

:rolleyes: The wall and railing was erected without planning, rentention was applied for with a senior planner recommending refusal, this was overturned by the “senior” planner and granted.
Retired city architect, Neil Hegarty appealed the grant of premission and Mr. Keohane withdrew from ABP.
The city manager proposed selling the site to Mr. Keohane for 1 euro which was passed by councillors last night by 21 votes to 5.

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