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@Radioactiveman wrote:

I see CCC have CPO’d the Mill business building at Crosses Green, off Probys Quay.
There was plans for a (hideous) hotel by the same architect as Victoria Cross. What are the plans now? Anyone?

The building is being torn down as I type, and at a fair old rate.

I guess this means the hotel proposal discussed here is going ahead? Ick.. I’m moving from the area so it won’t affect me directly, but it’s a horrible building, completely out of place in its surroundings.

Update: Actually, reading back over the previous Cork threads, there’s still hope:

“The plan was ultmately granted subject to a 2-storey reduction and revised bedroom number of 63. Now, a revised plan is to be lodged after assessment of the hotel market in Cork and with respect to viability issues given the permitted developments reduced bedroom numbers. It is understoof Derek Tynan & Associates have been retained to design a new scheme which will see the redevelopment of the Mill Business Centre as a new part 3-storey, part 5-storey open plan office building with river fronting amenity space all over basement parking for 15 spaces.”

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