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@Radioactiveman wrote:

I presume they are taking the pi*s with this one:

The Board of Trustees, Honan Chapel, U.C.C
For the installation of a set of glazed double swing double doors, with glazed fanlight above, in the existing front (west) entrance portico, with the retention of the existing oak doors
Honan Chapel,, University College Cork,, Cork

And the point is??
The real worry here is the devastating effect this nonsense will have on the intricate mosaic flooring. The image below shows the scene just inside the door. Is this were the double glazing is going to be installed???

The question that has to be asked here is what are the Trustees of the Honan Chapel doing with J&GMcGloughlin’s art déco Grille made to designs drawn by W. Scott? This, according to Virginia Teehan’s book on the Honan Chapel has long been in storage – at least since the 1980s. Yet, on p72 of her book she describes the Grille as the most important piece of metal work to come out of the Irish Celtic Revival.

Praxiteles takes it that the installation of car-salesroom-type-glass-boxes at the end of the chapel will further delay the restoration of the Grille to its proper place before it ends up in a knackers yard somewhere.

And, as we are at it, Praxiteles believes that the time has come to remove Imogen Stuart’s bénitier which is already disfiguiring the mosaic just inside the main door. If the Reverend Fr. Sir John O’Connell wanted one there, Praxitreles is perfectly sure that he would have made the necessary provision for it – just as he would have put in a glass porch if he thought the place needed one..

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