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It’s been a quiet couple of weeks here. Today I noticed they seem to be making a start on that boardwalk by Sullivans Quay. See attached poor quality images from an old camera phone.

Also nice to see workers powerwashing the national monument, whether that’s the ideal way of cleaning the stonework or not.

It seems that the boardwalk (or river platform or whatever) will be very short, from Parliament bridge to Nano Nagle bridge. I wonder would there be any problem with extending it to the South Gate Bridge, and perhaps even all the way along the edge of the brewery site to Lancaster quay? It would do wonders for this neglected part of the river (and this part of the city as a whole).

Also, once this work is completed, the only remaining eyesore on the Grand Parade will be the former Grand Parade hotel and neighbouring sites. Does anyone know what’s the current status of the porject(s) proposed for these sites?

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