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Its a moot point anyway Jungle, the €25m to move the station to face the quays was promised in 2005 and given they are spending €4m on a lick of paint and a few shops on the barn that it is instead of the entire redevelopment, there wont be any new station any time soon

The Examiner Article posted above suggested that IE will be applying for planning for their element of the station development later on this year. Not sure what credence to lend to that, its been announced before and this is an election year after all. Still, I’d prefer if they took their time with the Station element and got it right. This is a hugely important development, doubt if €25m would go even halfway to do what is required – much better if they took another year and did it properly. The design of the plaza and new ‘front’ to the station, and the manner in which other public transport modes are integrated is going to be critical, not just for the ‘urban space’ involved, but also to the long term success of commuter rail in Cork.

The €4m update is really just a clean up – just to keep the place in reasonable nick and to keep the retailers happy – it will be nearly 2 years before work begins on any station re-orientation in any best case scenario.

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