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Does anyone know whats being built at the start of the airport road on the left hand side travelling towards the airport?I heard a while back that there was a landmark building to be built around here but didnt think it was this site! Also, anyone know whats happening with the sunbeam site or the site next to it in blackpool, i thought they both passed planning and it was said at the time that construction would start straight away?And just a final thought, anyone here about a northside councillers idea of developing a kildare village style outlet centre development in blarney? Personally I think this is a brilliant idea that could really benifit blarney and cork from a general point of view but mainly as a tourist attraction (and I know a shopping development is not really a tourist attraction but what I mean is several councillers or chambers etc have been trying to put Cork forward as a short break destination and this would really help Cork in that regard). It would be perfect if it could be tied in with the opening of the train station in blarney and located nearby in a station square type of development similar to what is proposed for fota(also on this, does anyone know are they finishing that development or is it stalled for the foreseable future). I think this idea for blarney as well as a good solid proposal for the beamish site and of coarse the long awaited upgrade of kent station alone are developments that are long overdue in Cork not to mention many more and hopfully a change in government can really help this to change as the current government as far as im concerned were only all in it for there own good and could not care about what gos on outside Dublin!

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