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@kite wrote:

Each and every scumbag drug dealer that was evicted by Cork City Council for dealing from LA housing over the past 10 years had the bleeding heart Judges ordering that they be re-housed elsewhere…I don’t want them in my neighbourhood.
The lazy dopes that never worked a day in their useless lives…I don’t want them in my neighbourhood.

The 20% of Part V housing that (should) go to those that worked, but have fallen on hard times or are senior citizens…I WANT THEM.

Let me know the area you live in and I will try and ensure that you and your neighbours can have your wish for scumbags living next door to you. Then we will see who the real NIMBY’s are!!:rolleyes:

You either have a social housing policy, or you don’t. There’s a serious difficulty in housing some people, but they still have to be housed somewhere. You can’t really expect them to live on the streets.

I fully realise there are unsavory characters, but you come across them in every sort of housing. I was living in a very ‘respectable’ area of Dublin and we had the misfortune of having a major drug dealer move in next door.

These weren’t local authority houses, these were very expensive owner-occupier houses and he bought one.

I’ve also experienced neighbours from hell in other areas too, everything from the noisy neighbour to the obcessive complusive who complains about absolutely everything. The best one I had was a neighbour who asked if we could install darker blinds or go to bed at a reasonable hour as he was unable to sleep due to the bright glare from our windows!

The ‘bright glare’ was a standard kitchen light bulb, the blinds were drawn and an unreasonable hour was 11pm.

It’s really hard to know what the solution to a problem neighbour is.

If you start to draw down moral guidelines about who can have a house and who can’t, where does it stop?

Some people don’t like living next to gay people, some people might think that an unmarried couple living together was disgraceful, some people have issues about racism, if you go up north, some people don’t like catholics/protestants.

Where do you draw the line ?

Who decides whose worthy of a house?

I’m not trying to be a ‘bleeding heart’ but, I am just wondering how you would control such a system and how would people have a right do due process?

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