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I think you’re having a ‘chicken-and-egg’ debate here. Good planning is not predicated on having all the infrastructure in place before development, but it does depend on having at least the skeleton of the infrastructure in place and in making developers conform (by and large) to an agreed planning scheme.The infrastructure can go in incrementally and organically, but where it is supposed to go and on the timetable agreed. The problems of traffic congestion in (e.g.) Carrigaline may have more to do with the lack of something as simple as bus provision rather than some sophisticated roads network (if everyone wants to drive their car to work, they have to live with the consequences).
As far as ‘ghost estates’ are concerned, has the number of units been quantified? I doubt if it’s anything more than a very small proportion of the total housing stock. Looks to me like a solution (in part) to social housing needs just waiting to happen.

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