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@dave123 wrote:

Ennis is about 30,000, The boundary area is about 25,000.

Ballincollig, Carrigline combined equals Ennis. Don’t where you get all your exaggeration from. It is believed that Ennis is already over the 32,000 mark based on predictions for 2008. it will be Ireland’s next city along with Dundalk and Drogheda. With rate of growth in Clare and the Galway and limerick conurbations stretching into the county, it’s only a matter of time.

I’m gonna finalise a few points and stop responding to you – in a Cork forum.
Your town is tiny. So is mine (but no where near as tiny as yours LOL and lots of sarcasm!)
What has Ennis got to do with Limerick? It is 40km from Limerick? Are you claiming this as a commuter town or as a suburb, or maybe the inner city… where will you stop, Sligo? Why don’t you count Cork in while you are at it.
Limerick and Galway (and Cork) are tiny conurbations at best, probably 10 mile radius (and exaggerated at that). It is spurious at best to claim Ennis as part of the ‘Limerick conurbation’.
Predictions are suspect at best. Eastern Europeans are leaving our country en masse, and they counted for large percentages of the recent population growth across the county.
The growth of the past ten years will be replaced by population decline unless our economic fortunes change fast.
Your claim that Limerick is a desirable place to be is not borne out by property prices which are on a par with Waterford and well below Galway and Cork. Property prices reveal either the desirability of a location, or a very limited supply of accomodation. I refuse to believe that there is any part of the country with an undersupply of accomodation.

I totally accept that we Corkonians have a hugely inflated sense of who we are, but you know something, your hyperbole in relation to Limerick prove to me that we are not alone.

BTW I get the impression that you do not really belong in the real world and are something of a Walter Mitty character. Good luck to you, and off to the Limerick forum with you.

Please leave us Cork floke to gasp in awe at how quickly the Megalopolis of Limerick replaced Tokyo as the worlds great conurbation,

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