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You claim that prices in Limerick are falling less rapidly than in Cork.This is not true according to the latest quarterly Daft Report Have a look at page 4 – Limerick City prices are -5.5% compared to -4.8% in Cork City. Limerick City and property prices are falling faster than Cork prices:
Limerick County prices are -4.1% compared to -1.2% in County Cork.

No doubt you’ll have some strange subjective interpretation…

Clare itself is going to grow faster imo than either Cork or lImierick in the next cenus
– In your opinion – your opinions are irrelevant – it didn’t grow more quickly than Cork, in fact the growth was considerably less in the last census so what has changed?

Either way It’s iimportant that the three centres, Limerick, Cork and Galway to grow.
– Why?

Mickeydocs, Limerick has a booming tourist industry at the moment.
– So your answer to the loss of thousands of jobs is tourism and higher education – you must work for fianna fail to come up with such great solutions. I can really see assembly workers from Limerick housing estates lecturing on quantum physics :rolleyes:

Limerick has huge commercial power pullling from both Galway and Cork. Take the Cresent for example thats has a catchment for shoppers from Both cities and not just Limerick
– I don’t know of anyone from Cork that goes to Limerick to shop… why would we when there is an abundance of out of town centres on a par with Crescent (Mahon Point, Douglas)??? I would go to London to shop, and the Dundrum shopping centre isn’t bad… but the Crescent, give me a break!

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