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1. Limerick grew faster of the two. Limerick city is growing as fast as the other regions. – Can you make up your mind please?[.quote]. the city and suburbs have grown faster in the last two census. Cork metropolitian area grew faster than Limerick though.

2. Nenagh and Ennis had growth rates of nearly 15% –
So did Mallow and Fermoy, which are nearer to Cork than Nenagh and Ennis to Cork – both are commuter towns but we do not include these towns in greater Cork
I have friends in Nenagh that would be annoyed if you claimed their town was a suburb/commuter town of Limerick

Mallow is only 4km less in distance.. for christ sake.

Don’t twist my words:) I like facts and I do not like people putting words in my mouth. Please do look for where I said this “Nenagh is a suburb of Limerick”.You won’t find it. Nenagh is a commuter town of Limerick. Not debatable or really worth arguing over.

[Same for Dublin and Cork. Cork City Council is currently negotiating a boundary extension with Cork County Council – the negotiations aren’t friendly. If the City is successful the revised borough of Cork will have a population in excess of 250,000. This is hotly contested by the County Council as this will affect their funding.

More than half of Limerick city’s population is outside of the city. 100,000 is the city actual. The total city by boundaries is 91.000. The city boundary is 52,600. So its nearly half of the city outside it. This is significant. Cork or Dublin dont have the problem of their city spilling into another county. So again you don’t have a comparison. The only comparison would be Waterford. But Waterford has only a tiny fraction of the city stretching into Kilkenny. Limerick has at least 6,000.

I visit Limerick occasionally on business – I get the impression that there is huge trepidation like the rest of the country, but maybe more so due to the huge job losses in Dell and the industries that support this.

Lol, well your feeling is wrong. There is still much redevelopment going on.Limerick is still very confident in making its city more attractive and more beautiful. There is much more development on the horizon.. The Opera centre is a step closer. The riverfront work is still ongoing. The Bedford row phase 2 is finalising their plans to start their development facing onto O’Connell street. Marks and Spencer is stil expected to get their go ahead anchor unit in the Crecent. Basically the whole of the country is affected by the recession. But Limerick is still very confident. In the last property report it was said limerick should hold well incomparison to other regions in the country. The only problem Limerick is really facing is the planning deregulation and Limerick/Clare county council monopoloy around the city. This has caused alot of suction and bad planning that is now affecting the city as a whole. One should only look at the irregualarity of the high rents in the suburbs vs the city. Cork city doesn’t have this problem.

6. The reason why Limerick didnt grow as fast as county Cork is because Limerick metropolitician agglomeration spreads into three counties. –
What has this got to do with growth rates?

It has everything to do with it. Limerick was responsible for creating double digit growth in North Tipp. Limerick metropolitian area expands into towns such as Parteen, Newport, Birdhill, Sixmilebridge,Cratloe, Arnacrusha, Obriens bridge for example none of them are in Limerick county. So this is never noted because people do not realise the city is built on the borders of three counties. Cork doesnt have this geographical problem.

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