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Cheers rumpel… you are a wum.
No one in Cork talks about supremacy. We acknowledge that our town is a mid size provincial town that would at best be a suburb of London or Paris.

Our main thoroughfare is certainly not inelegant – try taking a look at some of the buildings. The South Mall is by far the nicest business street in the country.

The beauty of Cork for me is that it is a small town – but at almost three times the population of Limerick, a much bigger small town than Limerick. Cork is full of historical attractions, but of course you’d have to park your willingness to knock everything that Cork is before being able to take an objective look at my town.

I personally think Patrick Street it too wide and full of ugly buildings. South Mall is, I will agree, a rather nice street but it has its fair share of ugly buildings too.

I’ve lived in both Limerick and Cork and enjoyed both cities. I’ll admit that at present Cork is a more pleasant place to stroll around. However, when I lived there I found it really irritating that Cork people continually knocked Limerick as a dump that nobody could possibly want to visit, whereas Cork was “the real capital of Ireland.”

The facts are these:
Limerick’s extensive network of Georgian streets is better than Cork’s collection of pleasant but nondescript 19th century buildings.
Limerick’s St. Mary’s Cathedral is infinitely more interesting than St. Colman’s Cathedral.
Limerick’s got a medieval castle which Cork does not.
Limerick’s Hunt Museum is better than every museum in Cork put together.
Limerick’s river has a certain epic sweep which Cork’s tiny river lacks.
Cork has better coffee shops and a more laid back atmosphere.
Cork’s market is infinitely better than Limerick’s.
Cork’s got a better cultural scene than Limerick.

Overall, Limerick is fundamentally a more beautiful city than Cork, but it’s very grubby and people don’t notice it. When Limerick cleans itself up it could be the most beautiful city in Ireland. Cork alas could never have that distinction.

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