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they didnt say that the tivoli brudge would be affected, because i think that bridge wasnt in the government funds remit anyway, an application for EU funding is winding its way through govt departments and the EU

Noel Dempsey has had the absolute unbelievable neck to say the Kilbarry station will be delayed because the proposed housing development in Blarney was delayed. However, the Blarney development is delayed because Bord Pleanala only gave permission in the last few months for about one third of the original plan to go ahead becuase the services infrastructure isnt in place (i.e. Cork COunty Council are dragging their heels again).

Imagine the Minister for Transport, publicly admitting, that the government policy, is to build transport infrastructure, only when all the houses have been built, are these guys for real? How many more times must the bleeding obvious be pointed out to them that if grants of permission for up to 2500 houses are going to be made, then the infrastructure has to be put in with it, beforehand. Noel is hoping the developer is in trouble, wont build the houses and then he wont have to shell out for a station or at least wont have to build it for a few years. So why doesnt he just come out and say that? Idiot.

So you have the minister for transport delaying a station for commuters because he says the housing development is delayed but you have Bord Pleanala saying the development cant go ahead until the station is built.

THe government are spectacular idiots.

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