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@the hawk wrote:

Your lack of respect for the opinions of others is in proportion with your ignorance of reality. Steady was making the point that business only succeeds when it makes money and allows for the remuneration of those who are employed within it and for profit for those that take the risk and initiate it.Business allows for the state to take taxes, some of which is used to help the vulnerable in society.The argument as to the proportion of such revenue which is to be reserved for such use is a matter for our elected representatives, however these pages are only refletcing reality where it states that business is slow to set up where homeless hostels are located.Whether that is right or wrong is irrelavant for this debate, it is a fact.

P.s think of all the revenue from the skinny lattes and the suv’s.

Well I happen to believe that there are some human factors which need to be taken into account other than pure profit motive. I’m sure if we just gave complete control of our country to private interests and allowed them to destroy our heritage and our communities as they see fit, that would maximise profits. But I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that, would you?

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