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@Steady wrote:


Ah lads. Lets give over on this kind of talk. We’re all in this business for the money. Don’t be giving me the “social conscience” mullarky. Here are some of the characters:

Big developer: In it for the big money. Organises stunts with the Sculpture Factory et al for cover, salves the conscience, looks good.

Big Architect: In it for good money, plus the praise, awards, but mostly the money. Talks a good project, but charges a good fee.

Local Authority Planner: Gets good job security, loads of holidays, sick days etc. Can p**s off arrogant developers if sees fit. Can wield power and massage own ego. Maybe even get a good brown envelope, well, maybe not anymore?

Big builder: in it for the money. Purely.

Councillor: in it for the money. Expenses? Backhanders? Favours?

Young architect: will eventually be in it for the money.

City Manager: in it for the ego, and the money.

“Homeless” people: in it for whatever it takes to get away from whatever it is they are trying to get away from.

As adults, lets be honest. This whole business is about money, 95%.

People like you make me sick. Youre a leach. Drop dead

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