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@who_me wrote:

Anyone notice one of the buildings behind the bus station on the Clontarf St. side was knocked a couple of days ago (along with most of the large mural on that wall!). I live right across the river from the bus station, and didn’t see anyone working on that building until it was gone! Anyone know what’s up there? There were plans for a development there, but I thought they had been rejected, or at least pushed well back.

Speaking of the riverside, have people had a look at the new Peace Park at the end of South Mall and the Grand Parade? It’s looking really, really well, BUT.. they really have just plonked it on top of what was there. That area had some of the nicest stone-work quay wall in the city, and much of it now has been cemented over, and a large concrete slab has covered over the steps up the quayside completely. Did Ms. Ghali (or whoever the architect was) ever visit the site, or did they just design the park first and decide to stick it there? :rolleyes:

It’s not exactly subtle..

This is the proposed development approved for Dean street behind the Bus station. The images are not great.

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