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Some of you might find this resource interesting:

Basically we’ve taken on the mission of documenting various structures before the developers get in.

Starting in Cork, we have covered the former County Asylum complex, the Good Shepherd Magdalene Convent in Sundays well, Kinsale Convent, Camden Fort and a few others around the country. It’s a work in progress so there will be other sites added in the future. We accept ‘tip offs’ and requests. Also anybody is welcome to submit articles for inclusion on the website. There is an email address on the website if anybody wants to get in contact.

Keep up the documentation. Have particular interest in Camden , it being a welcome sight after many a trip to sea….. (usually the nasty seas and swell stop at the Forts…hence meaningful points to many seafarers seeking shelter in Cork Harbour). I was in the mistaken believe that it was maintained etc. since 1989…. what a disgrace..:mad:

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